It is very interesting “adulting”, and “adulthood.” Most of being an adult involves responsibilities that we never wanted or signed up for. And maybe what I am talking about isn’t exactly adulting but more like being more loving to people. I am going to become a first time Auntie….hopefully in June and I feel like I am more aware of the loving and maybe even “motherly” side of myself. When my mom was in town recently we were laying in bed chatting together. My head was a little higher then her’s on my pillow. As I was looking at her I felt like I was supporting and being more loving towards her then she was towards me. I don’t know if I have ever felt that way before but If I have then it is a very rare occurrence for me. I am starting to see a change happening in me. A drastic change for the better as always. However I still have this fear that the kid and I won’t have anything in common or that for some reason wont want connect or like me as much as I already feel towards it. đŸ˜¦

I guess I didn’t really have that much to say but there it is…..It is cool to feel mature and adult sometimes. When not focusing on having to pay bills and such.

Write you next time.


Author: quean29

I am a Sign Language Interpreter in the education system and an aspiring actor.

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